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Learn Twitter

Image credit: teachthought.org

Image credit: teachthought.org

Free Twitter 101 eCourse for Parents & Educators

No matter where I am, every time I speak I hear people say, “I wish someone would teach me how to tweet.” Well, I’m hoping this resource will provide some of those folks a place to learn how to leverage this social media tool at their own pace. I must admit, however, I am a complete rookie at delivering online instruction, and am using this course to improve the quality of my instruction.  The information below contains everything you need to complete all five modules of this Twitter course designed specifically for teacher and parents new to Twitter. Finally, inside this course are many examples of the forward-thinking, selfless and collaborative people (I call them rock stars) that make up my personal learning network (PLN). You will enjoy this new and invigorating connected community. Have fun!
*Total course completion time: 2 hours. May be shorter based upon a pre-existing knowledgebase of social media.
Directions: Navigate Part 1-5 below as you work through the course. (Completing all parts in the same sitting is not necessary, but completion within the same week is recommended. This course & Youtube components have been customized to allow for listening in the car, at work or at home)
Part 1: The Basics


Resources/sites referred to in this course:


If you need any support, email me at pennedtech@gmail[dot]com with Twitter 101 in the subject line or ping me on Twitter at @Joe_Mazza. If I can’t help you I’ll direct you to someone out there who will know how to help. Good luck!


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